Anesthetized - Pineapple Sweetdreamz - 25 Servings - By Blackstone Labs

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Anesthetized - Pineapple Sweetdreamz - 25 Servings - By Blackstone Labs

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  • Powerful Sleeping Aid*
  • Promotes Deep REM Sleep*
  • Increases GH Release*
  • Helps Decrease Body Fat*
  • Helps to Reduce Anxiety & Stress*
  • Aids in Improving Mood & Relaxation*


Sound Sleep Builds Muscle | ANESTHETIZED

Your body builds muscle during the recovery phase and your greatest gains in recovery come while you are sleeping.  Most people who are serious about gaining muscle push themselves to their limits and this often means having difficulty falling asleep and also staying asleep.  After an evening gym session, it's challenging to lose that momentum and wired feeling when you are winding down to go to sleep.  Also, whether it be that protein shake you drink right before you go to sleep to help promote the recovery period, giving your muscles the protein they need, or the gallon plus of water you drink during the day, you sometimes wake up a few times in the night to use the restroom. 

Many people who hit plateaus in their workout goals look to diet or their routine, however often times it is because they are not getting enough rest and not giving their muscles the proper time to recover and build.  A proper focus on sleep and getting enough rest will give you the boost you need to break through that wall to see the gains you're looking for.

Get Help Falling Asleep | ANESTHETIZED

Anesthetized from Blackstone Labs understands the best way to help athletes, gym rats, and weekend warriors alike fall asleep.  Anesthetized is the pharmacist formulated sleep aid made for those who live an active lifestyle and need assistance falling asleep. 

You likely know the feeling, it’s been awhile and you still haven’t fallen asleep yet and tomorrow is a big day that requires you to wake up early.  This frustration builds and the anxiousness from not being able to fall asleep quickly builds on itself and next thing you know it’s only a  few hours before you need to wake up.

You don’t want to repeatedly experience this, so you need to take action.  Athletes take their sleep as seriously as they take their training sessions and nutrition.

Get Quality REM Sleep | ANESTHETIZED

Scientifically proven to not only increase the speed in which you fall sleep, but also the rate at which your body enters REM sleep.*  REM sleep is the stage where growth hormones and IGF-1 are produced.

Staying asleep gives your body the time it needs to enter REM sleep.  Many people who workout consistently often find it difficult to stay asleep during the night for a variety of reasons ranging from restlessness, needing to use the bathroom, aches and pains, and a racing mind.  Anesthetized targets these issues and helps promote not only falling to sleep faster, but quality sleep, so you wake up feeling rested.* 

Get Enough Sleep | ANESTHETIZED

Getting a solid 6-8 hours is the daily recommended amount of sleep.  But almost everyone has those nights where they toss and turn, and just can’t seem to fall asleep, or just can’t seem to get enough sleep. 

Anesthetized tackles this issue head on by combining the most powerful and potent sleep aids together.  Anesthetized uses: Phenibut,  N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NAT), Valerian Root Extract, and Mucuna to make sure you not only fall asleep, but stay asleep. 

Getting enough sleep each night reduces stress and anxiety, improves mental function, promotes weight loss, as well as muscle growth. 


Phenibut is believed to reduce tension levels and stress, as well as suppress fear.  This makes it easier to remain calm and stay relaxed, soothing you into a restful night’s sleep*.

The highly potent Valerian Root Extract directly aids in relaxation, working in tandem with Phenibut, supporting and enhancing the overall effect*.

This strategy addresses anxiety directly on two fronts.  Getting enough quality sleep is shown to reduce anxiety, but also the key ingredients, specifically Phenibut and Valerian Root Extract target anxiety, easing stress levels, helping you feel more calm*. 


Additionally, both Mucuna and Phenibut aid in improving mental function and faculty.  That means, in addition to getting a good night of rest helping you stay sharp, Anesthetized has ingredients that boost your mental faculties*. 

Train better, work better, and function overall more efficiently and effectively through the combination of highly effective ingredients and a good nights sleep. 

Get In A Better Mood | ANESTHETIZED

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NAT) specifically targets the synthesis of cortisol and thyroid hormones. Modulating the thyroid hormone aids protein synthesis and glucose metabolism. The slightest increase of the thyroid hormone can have beneficial improvement in metabolism, energy, and attitude.  This helps you relax as well as improves your mood*.

This helps you get over the hump, you know the days… the days where you just don’t feel like going to the gym, or pushing through that last set.  Mood and mindset are half of the training battle and having the incentive to train longer, push harder, and knock down whatever is in front of you enables you to execute on accomplishing and exceeding your goals, whether they be gaining muscle, weight loss, or beyond*.

Decrease Body Fat | ANESTHETIZED

Studies have shown that stress and anxiety can lead to weight gain as well as weight retention.  Additionally, not getting enough sleep makes it more difficulty to lose weight as it puts added stresses on the body. 

Anesthetized promotes relaxation and stress relief in addition to a long night of quality sleep, addressing both of these issues.  This makes your workouts go farther for you, making it easier for you to melt away the unwanted weight*. 

If you are hitting unexpected walls in your weight loss goals, not getting enough sleep and the stresses that accompany that are likely the issue. 


Blackstone Labs recommends you use Anesthetized on the nights most important to get a full nights rest or if you’ve had a tough training session, as opposed to every night.  Anesthetized can be stacked with any Blackstone Labs product. 


1 Scoop (11 grabs) 30 minutes before bed.

* Due to extreme potency, user may wish to first take ½ a scoop to assess tolerance.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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