Anogenin - 60 Capsules - By Blackstone Labs

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Anogenin - 60 Capsules - By Blackstone Labs

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  • Builds Lean Muscle*
  • Increases in Muscle Endurance*
  • Increases Protein Synthesis by up to 200%*
  • Assists in Increasing Nitrogen Retention*
  • Decreases Cortisol Levels*
  • Assists In Fat Loss*
  • Suitable For Men and Women
  • Non Toxic For Liver*
  • No Cycle Support or PCT Needed*
  • Can Be Used for Up to 12 Weeks


The Always “On” Alpha Feeling

You know that always “on” feeling you experience when running on a hardcore anabolic cycle?

That feeling of beast like alpha motivation that has you pushing harder than you thought possible, you know the one…

What if you didn’t have to cycle off of that feeling that you usually only get to experience a few times a year? 

Anogenin enables always on beast mode.  Anogenin by Blackstone Labs is an Anabolic Activator that can be used anytime, for extended periods of time, by anyone, men and women!

Increased Muscle Endurance

Anogenin’s world class formula increases your nitrogen retention (muscle pumps) and forces your body to synthesize protein more quickly, accelerating muscle development along with muscle recovery.

The key ingredient in Anogenin, Laxogenin, aids in increasing your nitrogen retention* and has also been shown to increase protein synthesis by up to 200%* AND this is NOT a hormonal supplement!

Not A Hormonal Supplement 

Anogenin is a completely non-hormonal supplement.  What does that mean?  It can be used by both men and women, at any time. 

Laxogenin is a plant steroid, which means this steroid occurs NATURALLY.  So, because it’s derived from plants and not biologically like testosterone, it fits the requirements of a dietary supplement completely approved by the FDA. 

What else?  Well, Anogenin is completely undetectable by every major drug testing organization in the world including WADA.  Anogenin does not increase testosterone levels so it will not trigger a test to epitest prohibited ratio. So for everyone out there who has a job, or is looking to get a job, that tests for these sort of things, you can now have peace of mind in knowing you’re all set with Anogenin.

No Side Effects and No Worries

Worried about side effects?  No worries!  Don’t stress it, as a matter of fact... Anogenin will help you not stress it!

Laxogenin's has the ability to help balance cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that when produced in excess can cause increases in fat and the break-down of muscle! 

Anogenin helps fight stress, reduce fat, and helps you keep the muscle you’ve worked so hard for, in addition to gaining muscle. 

Worth mentioning, Anogenin is non-toxic to your liver.  That’s why you can use it longer; up to 12 weeks!

Cut Fat and Gain Muscle

As mentioned above, Anogenin’s key ingredient, Laxogenin helps you achieve your fitness goals by reducing your stress, making it easier for you to shred away fat and put on lean muscle. 

Stress has been proven to make people keep fat that would otherwise be worked off through diet, proper nutrition, and adhering to a workout regimen. 

Anogenin puts an end to that!  Don’t let the stresses of work, home, or school stand in the way of the workout regimen and the goals that you have set.  We all experience stress, day to day, and we know it can kill motivation.  Take action. 

Muscle Up Anabolic Style

If the goal is beast mode, Anogenin is the answer.  Anogenin’s key ingredient is essentially a steroid building block which your body uses as a blueprint to create its own steroids.

Laxogenin has been compared to the steroid Anavar, and promotes increased protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, while supporting other anabolic effects such as increased strength, muscle endurance, muscle recovery, and lean muscle mass. 

For those looking to cut fat and build lean muscle, this will get you where you want to go without side effects. 

Bust Through Walls

Get that extra pump, every time and push it past the limit.  Push harder than ever before with ease, each day, with no dips in motivation.  Like that Alpha feeling?  How about staying on that Alpha feeling that keeps you going, keeps you pushing past where you thought you could go? 

Strength comes from within with Anogenin, as your body propels you through plateaus for up to 12 straight weeks, with no cycle support or PCT needed. 

Anogenin increases muscle endurance* allowing for extra reps, which means bigger gains.   And after those extra reps… you can expect a much quicker recovery. 

The aches and pains of recovery are greatly decreased as well as the duration is shortened, allowing you to unleash on the gym extra days that you would normally take as off days. 

The more effective recovery also works as a motivating factor, giving you the confidence to go farther in the gym, knowing you won’t suffer the consequences of going too hard, as there is no too hard, only Alpha. 

For Women and Men

For people new to Blackstone Labs products it’s a great option to get your feet wet. Running 6 weeks of Anogenin as a standalone cycle would yield lean muscle gains with substantial increases on all major lifts, as well as decreased body fat levels.

For bodybuilders and athletes with experience using Blackstone Labs products, but hate taking time off in-between cycles, a low dose of Anogenin could act as a great bridge between high powered mass or cutting stacks.

For women, since Anogenin doesn’t increase testosterone or alter hormone levels women looking to gain muscle can also use it without worrying about nasty side effects.


Cycling: Take 1 to 2 capsules per day with food. Take for a maximum of 8 to 12 weeks (many users do a 4 week cycle) and then a 4 week break. No PCT for cycle support is needed.

Note: Some users have logged better results with take 3-4 capsules per day (75-100mg of Laxogenin), but Blackstone Labs recommends 2 capsules per day. If you do plan on taking more than the recommended dose, you will need to order 2 bottles for a 4 week cycle.

Stacks:  Anogenin can be taken alone, but many users stack anogenin with their PCT as it's a great way to get the most out of your gains during your PCT.

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Additional Information

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