Backdraft XP by Prime Nutrition - 90 Capsules

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Backdraft XP by Prime Nutrition - 90 Capsules

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Backdraft-XP is the first product of the Platinum Series by Prime Nutrition.  Delivering a blast of thermogenesis designed to help your body burn the extra fat while getting rid of the unnecessary adipose tissue at the same time, Backdraft-XP is an efficient fat loss and weight management supplement that can benefit you in the long run*. The unique mix of high-quality ingredients, extracts and other valuable compounds present in Backdraft-XP will not only curb your hunger*, but they will also improve your mood and boost your energy levels at the same time*. Besides, the greatest thing about the supplement is that there are no “secret mixes” or proprietary blends* – all the ingredients are there for you to see them, therefore you know exactly what you’re taking.*

A Closer Look At The Ingredients In Backdraft-XP And Their Mechanisms Of Action 

Backdraft-XP contains caffeine anhydrous, acetyl-l-carnitine, Devil’s horsewhip, Paradoxine (Paradol Extract), capsicum as well as theobromine*. The Acety-l-carnitine is a form of l-carnitine, which is a compound that is naturally produced by the kidneys and liver and that plays a very important role for the optimal functioning of all your other organs*. This is a powerful antioxidant that is responsible for the production of glutathione, and it is also heavily involved with the synthesis of fat for energy*. Studies have revealed that l-carnitine is essential for those who are trying to lose weight*, and that carnitine deficiency can easily hinder your weight loss process* – this is why many fitness professionals and nutritionists recommend carnitine supplementation for all those who are committed to achieving a normal, stable weight*. If this is your goal as well, then you can rest assured knowing that Backdraft-XP by Prime Nutrition has just the right amount of this amino acid to help you reach your weight loss goals.*

Besides L-Carnitine, this weight loss supplement also contains capsaicin (which is a collective term used to describe capsaicinoids, such as nordihydrocapsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin, both of which have the same effect on the body)*. Simply put, capsaicin is known to increase the blood flow through the body and to support the optimal functioning of your digestive system as well*. In some cases, capsaicin may also benefit those who suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure) as well as high triglycerides*. 

The Devil’s Horsewhip extract present in Backdraft-XP by Prime Nutrition should not be neglected either – this compound is known to naturally inhibit the production of lipase and amylase*, two pancreatic enzymes that are responsible for weight gain. The Devil’s Horsewhip extract goes hand in hand with the theobromine present in the supplement, as this is a powerful stimulant that is widely known for its fat burning potential*. 

Paradoxine is slightly different from all the compounds and ingredients mentioned above, as it has a different mechanism of action and it actually targets your “brown fat”. The brown fat, which is actually brown adipose tissue, is the fat that you should be targeting whenever you want to shed the extra weight*, and this is precisely what Paradoxine is doing*. Safe to use in the long run, this ingredient is known to promote intestinal and digestive health*, and it also has strong antioxidative effects on the body*. Moreover, it increases your body’s metabolic rate*, which means that you will burn fat faster and more efficiently* – Backdraft XP contains no less than 50 mg of Paradoxine, which is just enough to boost your body’s natural fat burning ability!*

Last, but not least, this weight loss supplement also contains 250 mg of caffeine per serving*. This stimulant and fat burner is known to not only keep you alert and focus*, but also to stimulate the production of noradrenaline*, which is a compound that stimulates lipolysis (the fat burning process)*. Nonetheless, it is important to say that caffeine has short-term effects, as opposed to Paradoxine which is known to be a lot more durable and efficient*. Backdraft XP features several different ingredients that have the exact same result, in order to make sure that the user benefits the most from the supplement.*

Overall, Backdraft XP is a potent supplement that adds to the popularity and reputation of Prime Nutrition, which is known to be one of the world’s most sought-after provider of nutrition and sports supplements*


Warnings: Do not exceed the recommended dosage amount within a 24-hour period. Read the entire label before use and follow directions provided.

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