Beast Creature Creatine - 180 Capsules

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Beast Creature Creatine - 180 Capsules

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During workout, your body demands strength and energy which will improve recovery and prevent muscle fatigue*. One of the supplements that has hit the market with storm is Beast Creature Creatine. This is an energy boosting and bodybuilding formula that contains ingredients which enhance muscle growth* and accelerates recovery*.

According to clinical analysis, Creatine which is a nonessential protein enhances weight training by increasing energy production*, improving aerobic capacity*, supporting muscle growth*, enhancing muscle recovery, improving glucose tolerance* and providing high intensity workouts*. Since the muscles do not synthesis their own creatine, they absorb the liver-synthesized creatine from blood*. By supplementing your body with Beast Creature Creatine, you will be supplying your muscles with enough creatine which will promote energy production*. This is achieved through binding of high energy phosphate molecule to creatine*. The phosphate molecule is then released when energy reduces in muscle tissues*. This ultimately ensures high intensity workouts*.

Beast Creature Creatine supplement provides high energy during weight training and endurance workouts allowing your body to push harder* recover quicker* and go faster*. This eventually stimulates the development of lean muscle mass* aid in muscle recovery* and prevent muscle breakdown*.

Beast Creature formula is a blend of five quality types of creatine that are considered top: Creatine MagnaPower which is designed using magnesium and creatine to form Magnesium Creatine Chelate, Creapure brand Creatine that is formulated using patented manufacturing process, Creatine AKG which has been blended with Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid, Creatine Anhydrous which is a form of creatine whose water molecule has been removed*. The firth ingredient is Crea-Trona which is scientifically known to deliver 94% creatine*. Combined with the other four ingredients, Crea-Trona makes Beast Creature the best bodybuilding formula in the market*.

The product has been passed through a number of manufacturing processes to ensure optimum purity and to increase its absorption process in the body*. This helps to prevent intestinal discomforts and bloating side effects associated with other forms of bodybuilding supplements*. As part of the reformulation, Beast Creature Creatine has been added Cinnulin and Astragin in order to maximize direct uptake to the muscle cells*.

Product benefits:
• Accelerates body recovery*
• Enhance endurance during strenuous exercises*
• Stimulates lean muscle growth*
• Optimize muscle strength*

Assess your body tolerance level before using the product. Take one scoop of the supplement with 8 oz of water 30 minutes before embarking on your training and 30 minutes after workout*. When not training, take one scoop of the supplement along with 8 oz of water in the evening before sleeping and in the morning*. Always take the product with plenty of water.*

This product is not meant to treat, cure or diagnose a given disease. For this reason, check with your health care provider before using it. Do not use the formula if you are under 18 years or if you have a pre-existing health condition or if you are lactating or pregnant. Discontinue use and seek medical help if you notice any body negative reaction from the product. Keep out of reach of children

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Additional Information

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