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  • Performix Stim Free Review: Really Worth its Weight?

    Performix Stim Free is a weight loss supplement that activates and boosts your body’s natural weight loss ability without stimulant. This products claim to fame is the three key ingredients recognized the supplement world over for their ability to garner results. Those ingredients are Capsimax®, GreenSelect’s Phytosome® and Zychrome®. Capsimax is a proprietary blend of capsaicinoids shown in studies to help support a healthy metabolism, manage appetite, support fat breakdown, and more. Any weight loss supplement with such a powerful ingredient can be a sure fire way to boost your results. This ingredient is becoming more and more popular - because it works.

    The next powerhouse ingredient on this list is GreenSelect’s Phytosome, a green tea extract blend that is having success aiding in weight loss and decreasing body mass index. Studies have shown that control groups consuming the green tea extract did lose BMI and shed unwanted body fat*. GreenSelect’s Zychrome works in tandem with the previous two ingredients to make sure your insulin responds in the way that it should to ensure the other ingredients are working their best to reduce your body fat.

    The True Stim-Free Powerhouse

    With a product as successful as Performix Stim Free, consumers may forgo any additional research and go all-in on its promising evaluation. After all, it can be more difficult to find a stim-free product that gives you the results you desire. However, there are many products out there with similar ingredients that consumers have found success with. Not everyone reacts the same way to every product, so if you are unable to find this product and would like to know what else is on the market, or if you are looking to change for any other reason, take a look at Stimukal and Thermokal. These two products dubbed the “new year’s fat smackdown” by Metabolic Nutrition and they are living up to the hype. The reason we want to keep searching and continue evaluating is because there are new products every year. Sometimes these new products miss the mark and sometimes they nail it out of the park. We think we found the home run.

    Other Options


    StimuKal and ThermoKal break down Performix Stim Free into two classes. For those looking to continue on with a purely stim-free experience, ThermoKal is a classic thermogenic without stimulants, designed to increase the temperature of your body to place it into ideal fat burning mode without the sometimes harsh effects of a stimulant. The other key factor that makes ThermoKal different from the other thermogenics on the market is that it encourages the body to use carbohydrates ingested for building and maintaining lean tissue while preventing fat storage. It does this by helping improve insulin sensitivity, which is a common issue in today’s society. Insulin sensitivity is the relationship between how much insulin needs to be produced in order to deposit a certain amount of glucose. In order to burn fat at your desired rate, you need to make sure your body is treating what you put into it correctly. ThermoKal is designed to do just that.*

    StimuKal is lightly stimmed version of Performix Stim Free and ThermoKal. Unfortunately, most fat burners use caffeine but add little else to support the true boosting of the thermogenic environment. This leaves the user finding overstimulation and hard crashes afterward. StimuKal also contains nootropic activators to provide controlled stimulation and to reduce the jitters commonly found in typical fat burners. The good news is that StimuKal boosts thermogenesis with the strength of stimulant at low doses and it sticks with you all day. StimuKal ramps it up with TeaCrine, similar to caffeine without a lot of the associated drawbacks, this ingredient keeps the product working for you throughout the day. TeaCrine provides that boost without any jitters or associated crash. If you are looking for the same boost you got from Performix Stim Free and you are hesitant to kick it back up, stick to ThermoKal. If you are wanting a small boost, are new to stimulants, or you are easing your way back in, StimuKal is the perfect middle ground.

    Our Conclusion

    Either product will work hard for you throughout the day to burn fat while increasing energy, focus, and more. Clean energy, no crash, all-day benefits, top of the line ingredients, and formulas that will finesse the spotlight and make you wish you never looked anywhere else. This is the foundation these two products stand, and the best part is that you choose your level. Remember, ThermoKal is stimulant and caffeine free for those users sensitive to stimulants that still want to get the industries top level weight loss formula a try. ThermoKal increases your core temperatures, increases your fat burning and calorie burning capabilities, and helps you strive for better muscle definition. StimuKal kicks it up a notch from there with a focused fat burning thermogenesis that lasts all day, provides a light stimulant to keep you focused and help curb appetite, while increasing fat and calorie burning capabilities. StimuKal is still a mild stimulant and will give you all day fat burning capabilities without the harshness of a lot of the fat burning products on the market. Think of it as a half step up from ThermoKal with all the power of a heavyweight.

  • Is Performix SST Your Best Weight Loss Option?

    Performix SST is a fat burner first that is also used to enhance performance, increase stamina and strength, and decrease total body fat. Performix SST is known for its flashy, sleek packaging, and it’s got a reputation in the market for being a quality product, and for good reason. Performix is a good product with some good reviews. You can expect to get a more than decent boost in energy that can sustain strength training or cardio with ease. The ability of this product to burn fat is pretty well documented, but what you may not always see is that energy piece. It’s great if a product helps you burn fat, but it is important to remember that it is an aid, and you must put the work in too! You will be sitting at work, typing out the last email of the day, itching to get out and start.

    So is Performix the Best?

    It’s true, Performix SST is one of the better products out there that delivers on expectations in more than one arena. However, we realized at eXplicit Supplements that there are even better products out there that do the same thing and do it better. Performix price point can be tricky for some customers, which has forced us to consider other products in the space, and we are so glad that we did.

    Skeptical? Let’s take a closer look at Performix and highlight what makes it great, so you can make an informed decision. Performix has rested on its claim to fame: the time released beads. The capsules that come in the bottle all have tiny beads that are absorbed at different times inside our bodies, through digestion. This is a novel idea and has some inspiring applications.. The reality is that the timing of those beads can’t be predicted perfectly. We digest at different rates, metabolize at different rates, and other factors are involved as well, such as the pH of our stomachs and more. Other than their release mechanism, Performix SST is similar to several other products out there.

    Other Options Out There

    Throughout our research, when we looked at what Performix had to offer and what aspects we wanted to highlight, one product kept popping up in the top ranks. Synedrex by Metabolic Nutrition, a product we know and love with a boosted formula that targets fat and enhancing performance, just like Performix, but it’s got the added benefit of an appetite suppressant. This is a product we are excited about at eXplicit Supplements. Really, it’s a product we have been waiting for, a product we hope gives you the results you deserve and satisfies your supplement needs. This boosted formula is catered to stimulate high intensity energy, accelerate weight loss, enhance focus and clarity, improve mood, and even suppress appetite. This blend is full of quality ingredients and unique in how much it offers. This product is the de facto most powerful thermogenic agent on the market. With its proprietary blend, it features trusted ingredients from natural sources, such as Caffeine Anhydrous (stimulates athletic performance and weight loss - a go-to, reliable ingredient for weight loss*), Eria Jarensis Extract (a stimulant that helps reduce the risk of obesity*), and Grains of Paradise (weight loss aid*).

    What Synedrex Offers

    Synedrex works by increasing stimulation in your fat stores, releasing that fat into your bloodstream. Fat in the bloodstream is more easily converted to energy and burned up when paired with diet and exercise. It is not enough to burn fat; we also need to monitor intake so that the fat we do burn is this stored amount. Synedrex comes with appetite suppressants with that goal in mind. The cohesiveness of this product is what truly sets it apart. Each ingredient is a piece of the puzzle and they all fit together perfectly.

    Synedrex is a scientifically driven stimulant weight loss solution. It combines aspects of fat burning, thermogenics, and appetite suppressants for a one, two, three punch combination that will work as hard as you do. Synedrex is a powerful substance - just one pill daily, with food and plenty of water!

  • Top Weight Loss Products of 2014

    As 2014 as coming to an end we thought it was an appropriate time to write about what has proven to be some of the most effective and top user rated weight loss supplements we sell.

    1. Synedrex - this product has been dominant since 2013 however is was briefly unavailable as they had to reformulate it to remove DMAA1,3 since it was banned for sale by the FDA.  The re-formulated product proved to be just as effective and the product doesn't appear to have missed a beat.  Most users report a huge boost of energy from Synedrex (it's very heavy on stimulants, if you're sensitive to caffeine we wouldn't recommend it).  It also reduces appetite while working to increase your metabolism.  Ultimately helping you reduce calorie intake all while burning more.  If you don't mind the energy and want something quick and effective, we highly recommend Synedrex.  If you're considering giving it a try, be sure to take it first thing in the morning as users have reported the energy lasting for 12 to 15 hours.

    2. Phenolox - Much like the product above, Phenolox has all the benefits of Synedrex but minus some of the stimulants.  It's sold as a product for those sensitive to stimulants, which it certainly is.  It does however still provide energy and focus, but uses B vitamins instead of things like caffeine.  If you're looking to lose weight fast and don't want to worry about all the stimulants, give it a try.

    3. DNPX - this product also had to be reformulated to remove DMAA1,3 but has been shown to be just as effective since.  While this product does contain a fair amount of stimulants, it's actually all natural - something that's becoming more and more important.  It works like most weight loss products - working to reduce appetite while increasing calories burned.  If you want something effective but that's all natural, this is definitely worth a try.

  • Simple Weight Loss Tips

    Losing weight isn't all gloom and doom.  While it may seem like a depressing, daunting task, it really doesn't have to be.  We've compiled a short list of what we feel are some simple but important things to keep in mind to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

    1) Eat your breakfast.  This starts your metabolism early and makes you fuller throughout the day, preventing you from 'starvation eating' later.  Many studies have shown effective weight loss includes a healthy breakfast everyday.

    2) Walk more.  Walking is easy and already a big part of most people's day.  Some simple ideas to help accomplish this: Park further from your destination - use a push mower - always take the stairs.

    3) Eat more, not less.  That may sound too good to be true, but it's not.  Losing weight isn't all about how much you eat, but rather what you eat.  Change your diet around to cut the crap and eat healthier so you don't have to cut portions.

    4) Drink more water.  Drinking water before meals will make you feel fuller, likely meaning you'll eat less.  It also will help your workout routine, should you chose to do one.

    5) Exercise.   I don't think much needs to be said here as this one is obvious, so try to do it if you can.  If you can't I wouldn't sweat it yet, try some of the other tips and work your way up to this one.  Once you start seeing progress use that motivation to find yourself a simple exercise routine.

    6) Supplements.  We saved the best for last of course!  Just kidding, but since you're on a supplement site there's a good chance you'd like to make your weight loss goals even easier.  For the women, we'd recommend a product called FitMiss Burn.  It's a newer more natural product showing good results.  For the men, checkout RoxyLean by BPI.  Great for weight loss and also provides a great sense of energy and focus.

    Hope these tips help!

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