Hibern8 by Nutrex - 90 Capsules

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Hibern8 by Nutrex - 90 Capsules

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With wide-spread use of pre-workout supplements, fat burners and energy drinks, stress at home and at work has negatively affected deep quality sleep. However, with Hibern8 you can improve the quality of your sleep*. Hibern8 is a powerful sleep formula that has clinically dosed ingredients which help you to easily fall and stay asleep*. The formula has been formulated to promote restful and deep sleep in order to support nighttime muscles and mind recovery*. A nighttime recovery will help you to wake up refreshed in the morning and this increases productivity*, mood, and is important for achieving optimum physical appearance and strength*.

Hibern8 is clinically dosed with highly soluble ingredients which start working the very first time it is administered*. To achieve a deep and uninterrupted sleep, you only need one serving of this formula*. Once you use the product 30 minutes before sleeping, you will be able to wake up the following day feeling refreshed and having recovered from muscle pain, physical and emotional stress*.

Benefits of Hibern8:
Hibern8 is a powerful sleep formula that contains natural ingredients which are clinically known to promote quality sleep and minimize any deficiency-related sleep issues*. Some of the benefits associated with this formula include
• Starts working the very first night*
• Contains clinically dosed ingredients*
• Supports night time recovery of muscles and mind*
• Promotes deep and restful sleep*

Before using Hibern8 formula, you need to first assess your personal tolerance. This is important since overdose may produce no results and one may suffer from certain health issues*. To assess your tolerance level, start by taking 1 capsule of the formula 30 minutes prior to bedtime*. The dosage can be increased if you desire a stronger sleep effect to 2 or 3 capsules. However, it is important not to exceed the recommended dosage of 3 capsules per day.*

Hibern8 should NOT be used by an individual who is below 18 years. After using the product, you should not operate heavy equipments or drive a motor vehicle. This is because the formula produces drowsiness*. Hibern8 should NOT be used by nursing and pregnant mothers. Since the formula is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any health condition or disorder, individuals with depressive disorders or autoimmune conditions should not use this formula*. Do NOT exceed the recommended dose of 2 to 3 capsules per serving. It is important to first consult your health care provider before using Hibern8 if you are currently taking any antidepressant drugs such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Supplement Facts:
Serving per container: 30
Serving size: 3 capsules

Hibern8 Ingredients:
• GABA: Hibern8 formula contains 1000mg of GABA. GABA is an important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain that triggers a calming effect on nerves*. This results to a relaxed sleep*
• Tryptophan: The formula contains 500 mg of Tryptophan per serving. This is an important amino acid that decreases sleep latency and plays an important role in memory and mood. *
• Melatonin: The effective dose of melatonin in Hibern8 ranges between 0.5 to 5 mg. Melatonin is an important hormone that plays a crucial role in sleep-wake cycle*. It can be used to treat mild sleep disorder and promote quality deep sleep resulting to muscles and mind relaxation*.
• Magnesium: The formula contains approximate 50% of magnesium. This mineral has been shown to promote deep sleep and reduce Cortisol levels in blood*. Apart from magnesium improving sleep quality, it also normalizes age-related changes in sleeping*.
Other ingredients: Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate and zinc.

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