Myokem Magnitropin Testosterone Booster - 144 Capsules

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Myokem Magnitropin Testosterone Booster - 144 Capsules

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Myokem Magnitropin is a powerful testosterone booster that aims to help bodybuilders and athletes who have decided it is time to bulk up!* Testosterone is crucial for building muscle mass* - regardless of how much protein-rich food you eat on a daily basis, it is useless unless your hormonal levels are balanced*. Testosterone is the most powerful natural anabolic agent* and Myokem Magnitropin aims to exploit it to the fullest with the help of Paederia Foetida, a herb that increases the testosterone suspension and that can also act as a libido stimulant and a strength booster*. 

Myokem Magnitropin features a highly potent Paederia Foetida extract that is considerably stronger than the one used in the animal studies, thus taking your muscle building efforts to the next level*: your overall performance will be improved*, your muscles will grow at a faster pace than ever before* and you will never have to worry about slow muscle recovery ever before*! Besides this, Myokem Magnitropin features another potent herb that is known to reduce fatigue and to increase the storage of glycogen in the muscles*, thus forcing your body to burn the excess carbohydrates to get the fuel it needs*. 

In addition to this, this herb (the Cistanche Deserticola extract) also reduces the inflammatory response that occurs in the body*, it acts as a vasorelaxant and it has efficient and natural pain-reducing benefits as well*, which means that you will barely feel any post-workout muscle soreness!* Many refer to Myokem Magnitropin as the "Product of the Year*" and for a good reason, given the fact that it will benefit you on many levels: it will increase your appetite*, reduce soreness*, speed up the muscle recovery*, increase your strength* and lean muscle mass* and stimulate your libido and vigor at the same time!*

An Overview Of The Ingredients Present In Magnitropin

The supplement features an efficient mixture of natural herbal extracts designed to help you make the best of your available muscle mass* - the Gentiana Lutea Extract, which is commonly referred to as the bitter root extract, is widely used in the alternative medicine field as a digestive tonic and as a stomach aid*, as it is known to keep the production of hydrochloric acid under control*. In turn, the effects of the Gentiana Lutea extract will lead to an increased appetite* - however, it is essential to pay extra attention to what you eat, as you should focus on low-fat, low-calorie, protein-rich foods*. 

As mentioned earlier, the Paederia Foetida extract (known as Prasarini by its Hindi name) is the most important one*, and it is very popular in the Ayurvedic medicine. This powerful sexual stimulant can dramatically increase your lean muscle mass by boosting the testosterone levels*. This extract contains a variety of natural compounds, from hentriacontanol and hentriacontane to ceryl-alcohol and ursolic acid, all of which are known to increase physical strength and the sperm production* in a natural and efficient manner.

Another important compound is the Epicatechin, which is actually a naturally occurring flavonoid that, just as the other herbal extracts mentioned earlier, is known to increase both your overall endurance and your strength*. The mechanism of action of the epicatechin is fairly simple, as it is known to increase the follistatin* and to reduce the myostatin* which, in turn, will redefine your gym workouts by increasing your strength*, focus*, performance* and endurance*. It is safe to say that epicatechin is a natural anabolic that will boost your muscle production and help you reach your shredding goals*. 

Moreover, the epicatechin is also a strong antioxidant that has an insulin-mimicking action and that is also known to support your heart health*. Those who consume epicatechins on a regular basis are known to have a lower risk of cancer, diabetes, heart failure as well as stroke*, which makes this flavonoid an essential compound for ensuring your optimal health*. Besides this, studies have revealed yet another essential health benefit of the epicatechin: this antioxidant can reduce the peroxidation of lipics* and it can also act as a vasodilator/vasorelaxant by regulating the amounts of nitric oxide in the blood stream*, thus helping your muscles relax and recover*. Epicatechin is a highly beneficial compound, this is why it is embedded in the formula of Magnitropin and many other similar supplements!*


Directions: Take 3 capsules, twice daily with food on training days.  For best results, take 3 capsules with  breakfast and 3 capsules with a pre-workout meal*.

Non-training Days: Take 3 capsules twice daily with food.  Use for six days consecutively, then take one day off.  DO NOT EXCEED 6 CAPSULES IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD.  Drink plenty of water during training to avoid dehydration.  Due to extreme potency, DO NOT TAKE FOR LONGER THAN 8 WEEKS BEFORE DISCONTINUING FOR A MINIMUM OF 4 WEEKS.  Store in a cool dry place.  Discard after expiration date.

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