Synadrene by Hi-Tech - 45 Capsules

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Synadrene by Hi-Tech - 45 Capsules

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Synadrene is Hi-Tech's version of the original Synedrex! They reverse engineered it and took the best of both versions of Synedrex to create Synadrene.


During the mid-1990s and early 2000s, the supplement of choice, if you wanted to burn fat and get shredded, would have been the ECA stack (ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin). For the last few years, many have used the DMAA and caffeine stack as well. The popular SYNEDREX used an effective combination of DMAA and Amp Citrate.

Since then, the FDA has cracked down on supplements containing AMP citrate forcing the manufacturer of SYNEDREX to weaken the formula. 

SYNEDREX was extremely popular, and many of its former users have been looking for it but with little success since it is no longer on the market. The good news is that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has reverse engineered the formula used for SYNEDREX and created something even better. Their goal was to create something that would have the same benefits, but that would be entirely within the law. 

Synadrene provides everything that SYNEDREX was known for, but with an improved formula. It now includes some of the newest and most powerful fat-burning ingredients. Former users of SYNEDREX should be able to find everything they are looking for in this supplement. It does everything that SYNEDREX did and more.


The use of DMAA has been a legal gray area among manufacturers. DMAA comes from the geranium plant and is actually methylhexanamine. It has been used as a pharmaceutical for more than half a century. The weight loss effects of DMAA are said to be similar to those attributed to ephedrine. The results of many studies performed on DMAA suggest that it is safer than ephedrine despite containing many potent ingredients.

SYNEDREX was easily one of the best selling fat burners ever to hit the market. Users praised its ability to provide them with consistent energy while also burning their fat. Synadrene is similar in that it provides all of the benefits that made SYNEDREX a popular choice along with some innovative ingredients that help to burn fat.

You can use Synadrene to help with weight loss, but it can also suppress your appetite and increase your energy over the course of the day.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in Synadrene range from stimulants to appetite suppressants along with other additives to improve cognition; they include:

·         Methylxanthine

·         Green Tea Extract

·         1, 3 DMMA

·         Sulbutiamine

·         Sandalwood Extract

·         Yohimbine Extract

·         Alpha Lipoic Acid

·         Poly-Thyronine


Methylxanthine is the main ingredient found in all stimulant-based products. The most famous member of the methylxanthine family is of course caffeine.  Methylxanthines work by antagonizing adenosine receptors, which results in the benefits that most of us associate with caffeine such as an energy boost combined with increases in alertness and performance.

While the exact amount of methylxanthine included in the Synadrene proprietary blend is a secret, note that methylxanthine is listed first among the proprietary blend ingredients. Because it is the first ingredient, it is probable that Synadrene contains a lot of it.

Green Tea Extract

The benefits of green tea extract for the cardiovascular system are well known. Those benefits are mainly the result of the polyphenols and catechins it contains. The most important catechin is Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It has been shown to cause the breakdown of fats via hydrolysis; this process is called lipolysis. When EGCG is combined with caffeine, its effects become even stronger.

Hi-Tech has stated that the green tea extract used in Synadrene includes 45 percent EGCG, 75 percent total catechins, and 95 percent polyphenols.

1, 3 DMAA

This stimulant causes norepinephrine's release in the body, which provides users with a powerful and pleasurable sensation unlike anything that most of them have experienced before. Many users also say that 1,3 DMAA has a strong suppressive effect on the appetite as well, though there is no research at present to back this up.


This synthetic thiamine derivative is widely known for its ability to counter fatigue while also having positive effects on cognition and memory. The synthetic version is necessary because the organic one does not cross the blood-brain barrier as easily. Sulbutiamine is more fat soluble than thiamine, which is why it is better at crossing the barrier. The main benefit is that it helps to fight the brain fog that can result from consuming a low-calorie diet for extended periods.

Sandalwood Extract

The extract from sandalwood offers a variety of anti-diabetic benefits while also improving memory and combating brain-fog.

Yohimbine Extract

This ingredient has a completely different effect from the others in Synadrene. Instead of stimulating fat loss and improving cognition, Yohimbine prevents the body from storing fat. It actually has the effect of inhibiting the body's mechanisms for fat storage. Another benefit is that it mutes hunger pangs if you take it on an empty stomach.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

This fatty acid can be found in every cell's mitochondria and is a cofactor in the production of energy. It also helps to regulate the metabolism of glucose and lipids while also aiding the storage of glycogen. Its regulatory function lowers blood sugar by encouraging the muscles to take up glucose in addition to using fat as fuel.


This combination of thyroid hormone metabolites occurs naturally and plays a role in most physiological functions. It is included in Synadrene because of its ability to increase metabolism and lower appetite. It can do this without affecting your heart rate or blood pressure unlike other stimulants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Synadrene and SYNEDREX?

Synadrene does not have Amp Citrate, which was one of the main ingredients in SYNEDREX. Instead, 1,3 DMAA is used.

Can Synadrene be used by women?

Absolutely. This product can be beneficial for both men and women.

Can Synadrene be used as part of a stack?

Yes; however, there should be no other stimulants in the stack because of the stimulants in Synadrene.

Will I be able to pass a drug test if I am using Synadrene?

The only ingredient that could possibly be in a legal gray area is 1,3 DMAA. That ingredient is legal in the US but you should still check with your local authorities to determine if it is legal if you are outside of the US.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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The product I received is always great

The product is always great that I receive. Love this company!!
Review by Jennifer / (Posted on 6/15/2017)

Amazing Company!!

This company stands behind everything they promise!!
Review by Jennifer / (Posted on 5/29/2017)


This product really helps me with controlling my appetite and I don't get the jitters like I usually get with other products.
Review by Gracie / (Posted on 5/19/2017)


This company and products ROCK!!!
Review by Jennifer / (Posted on 5/13/2017)


It was great!! Your company is Awesome!!
Review by Jennifer / (Posted on 4/28/2017)

No Jitters YAY!!!!

So I use to take Synedrex years ago and I started to also take it right after my 4th child this past year and I have to say I loved it the most years ago. This past year they changed a lot of the ingredients and it wasn't as good as the past. So then I decided to try Synedrene since it's a newer version and I am impressed how it still works great giving me the energy I lacked before it doesn't completely suppress my appetite but it doesn't let me starve either. I like this new product. I can't complain. It lets me sleep it doesn't keep me up all night. It doesn't have me jumpy or jittery. I can't say anything bad about this pill so far...
Review by Angela / (Posted on 12/15/2016)