Training Tips to Promote Fat Loss

Are you looking for habits to promote a healthier lifestyle?  Whether you are new to supplements or have been a faithful supplement consumer, it is important to be aware of how your training can help to promote the healthier lifestyle you are searching to achieve.  Here are a few helpful hints when training for optimal body fat loss.

 Tip #1: Start a regular strength training routine

Start a strength training routine with a high volume of work, short rest periods (60 seconds or shorter), and moderate to heavy loads using multi-joint exercises. Squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, bench press, lunges, and rows should make up the core of your training. A program that generally includes 8 to 12 reps of more than 3 sets is ideal, however, more sets will accelerate results. Circuit training and super set schemes are also recommended for an extra fat burning burst.

Aside from the obvious benefit of burning a massive amount of energy quickly, working every muscle group hard, frequently (although not on consecutive days), and at a very high intensity will elevate anabolic hormones that increase fat burning potential.

Tip #2: Incorporate High Intensity Anaerobic Training (HIAT) into your workout routines

Research has found that it’s not the quantity but the quality of your workouts that determine success.  So as long as you are giving 100% exertion in your exercise routine, you no longer have to spend 2 hours on the treadmill to achieve the same results (what a time saver!!!)

A study in the journal Metabolism compared 20 weeks of aerobic training with only 15 weeks of HIAT in which participants did 15 sprints for 30 seconds and lost nine times more body fat than the aerobic group. They also lost 12 percent more visceral belly fat than the aerobic group.  What is so interesting about this study is that the energy cost of the aerobic program over the whole study period was 28,661 calories, whereas for HIAT it was less than half, at 13,614 calories. In less time, the HIAT group lost much more weight—nine times more weight. How do researchers explain it?

HIAT results in something called post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), in which metabolism is elevated to a significant degree after training—the body is using more energy even though you’re not working out anymore. EPOC is elevated more when anaerobic training is involved—strength training and HIAT can elevate EPOC for as much as 38 hours post-workout.

 Tip #3: Be active every day to increase metabolism and lose fat

A sedentary lifestyle, even if you are already training at a high volume and intensity, will compromise metabolism and may lead to fat gain. Long periods of inactivity, even a few hours during the day, will lower the body’s glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. This puts you at risk for diabetes and poor body composition.

Take regular brisk walks—even a five to ten minute vigorous walk will make a difference. Try taking a 5-10 minute walk after each meal.  Not only will this aid in digestion but it's an easy way to exercise up to 30 minutes a day. Lastly, avoid the temptation of plopping down in front of the TV or computer for hours after work. Instead, look into a variety of recreational activities that are available in your community (just make sure you pick one you enjoy participating in!)

Tip #4 - Take your supplements!

For Men: Synedrex and BPI B4

Synedrex is back and reformulated for an extra fat burn!  Synedrex is a thermogenic fat burner. It actually heats up your body to help with the fat loss process. Synedrex is not just for burning fat, it also has other health benefits.

  • Suppress Appetite
  • Enhance Mood
  • Regulate Your Glucose Levels
  • Increase Energy Levels

BPI B4 is once-a-day fat burner contains effective doses of Dendrobium, Psoralea, Sword bean and Caffeine anhydrous and is designed to support fat loss and focus. In addition, B4 enhances mood, elevates your energy levels, and enhances stamina and endurance. For best results, take your dose about 20–30 minutes before your workouts. Also take B4 on non-training days to encourage greater fat loss.

For Women: FitMiss Burn and FitMiss Tone

Take 1 or 2 of FitMiss Burn in the morning and afternoon 30-45 minutes before a meal. Using Burn gives you a boost of energy, breaks down carbohydrates and increases your nutrient absorption. If you think your metabolism is a bit slow, Burn will speed it up. The best part about this product is that you won’t feel jittery or anxious the way diet pills make you feel. This is going to give you a natural boost of energy — perfect for when you’re heading to the gym.

FitMiss Tone ensures you’re burning fat. Take one with each meal (three times a day). Tone also serves as a metabolism booster. It focuses on your midsection to help get that tummy flatter.

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