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Top Weight Loss Products of 2014

As 2014 as coming to an end we thought it was an appropriate time to write about what has proven to be some of the most effective and top user rated weight loss supplements we sell.

1. Synedrex – this product has been dominant since 2013 however is was briefly unavailable as they had to reformulate it to remove DMAA1,3 since it was banned for sale by the FDA.  The re-formulated product proved to be just as effective and the product doesn’t appear to have missed a beat.  Most users report a huge boost of energy from Synedrex (it’s very heavy on stimulants, if you’re sensitive to caffeine we wouldn’t recommend it).  It also reduces appetite while working to increase your metabolism.  Ultimately helping you reduce calorie intake all while burning more.  If you don’t mind the energy and want something quick and effective, we highly recommend Synedrex.  If you’re considering giving it a try, be sure to take it first thing in the morning as users have reported the energy lasting for 12 to 15 hours.

2. Phenolox – Much like the product above, Phenolox has all the benefits of Synedrex but minus some of the stimulants.  It’s sold as a product for those sensitive to stimulants, which it certainly is.  It does however still provide energy and focus, but uses B vitamins instead of things like caffeine.  If you’re looking to lose weight fast and don’t want to worry about all the stimulants, give it a try.

3. DNPX – this product also had to be reformulated to remove DMAA1,3 but has been shown to be just as effective since.  While this product does contain a fair amount of stimulants, it’s actually all natural – something that’s becoming more and more important.  It works like most weight loss products – working to reduce appetite while increasing calories burned.  If you want something effective but that’s all natural, this is definitely worth a try.

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