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Synedrex Ingredients – What Makes Synedrex an Effective Product?

If you are a trainer, an athlete or you are ambitious to lose weight and maintain the health of your body, it is important to use a supplement that will increase your body’s metabolism, boost immunity and promote bodybuilding and weight loss. Since the market has become flooded with a variety of supplements for weight loss and body building, it is important to ensure your ideal supplement has the right ingredients combination in order to achieve your desired results.

Synedrex is a fat burning supplement from metabolic nutrition that has been shown to contain natural ingredients which are clinically known to speed up your metabolism, increase your body energy output, control appetite and increase your fat burning ability. To increase the effectiveness of this supplement, it is important to use it along with a healthy diet and effective exercises.

Synedrex ingredients:
Synedrex is a metabolism boosting supplement that has been formulated using several ingredients whose functions range from blood sugar regulation to mood enhancement. The ingredients within the supplement work synergistically to boost energy levels, enhance focus, suppress appetite and increase metabolic rate. Some of the ingredients within the supplement include;

Methylated Xanthines: The compound is the primary source of caffeine. It keeps the body’s energy levels up throughout the day. This means you will experience an increased endurance and reduced fatigue during workouts. However, this compound is shown to cause dehydration and it’s advisable to drink enough amount of water while using Synedrex.

Yohimbine: This is an important compound that is clinically known to boost your body metabolism. By increasing metabolism, body energy output increases and so is the fat burning process.

Sulbutiamine: This is a derivative of vitamin B1. The ingredient is clinically known to have ability to cross the blood brain barrier. This makes it an important compound for overcoming weakness by increasing body strength, focus and mood. It helps the Synedrex users to think clearly and can be used to cure fatigue. Sulbutiamine has been incorporated in Synedrex to ensure the reduced appetite does not cause lethargy

Synephrine: This is an effective fat burning ingredient that is known to increase body metabolism and reduce appetite.

Green tea extract: This is an important stimulant that burns fat by sparking Thermogenesis process. By increasing Thermogenesis, body energy output increases. This means that you will be able to feel energetic during training and muscle fatigue will greatly be reduced.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): ALA is an antioxidant that increases body energy and prevents cell damage.

Although the above are some of the most potent ingredients within Synedrex formula, the product is also known to contain other important ingredients which have a number of health benefits. Such ingredients include vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and Niacin. This makes it both a diet pill and a multivitamin capsule.

Bottom line
Since the nutrition and fitness market has become flooded with a variety of supplements, it is important to always check the product’s label to ensure it contains the full list of the essential ingredients.  This will help you to achieve your intended results and minimize the associated side effects.

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